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The radio of the month is SpaceFunkParty : "Underground Radio for Groovy People"

Click the play button, enjoy the groove and dance. Other great Webradios are listed here.


The Noise Of the Week : Tron & Daft Punk

One of the holiday season's most anticipated albums, Daft Punk's Tron Legacy soundtrack, is still a few months away. (The movie is out December 17, and the soundtrack is expected around then.) But, now we have an official Tron Legacy soundtrack web space to bookmark and watch closely. People still bookmark web pages, right?

At the moment, it just shows a logo, plays an ominous bit of score, and offers a mailing list, but hopefully the site's existence will stop people from posting all those bullshit Daft Punk songs.

J'G blog stole this week's NOISE/NEWS from pitchfork.

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