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Brute Chorus: The Brute Sensation

Brute Chorus is a London based 4-piece rock Band. We can hear that BC grew up in pubs by the brute energy they deliver on their new record. Brute Chorus' album is a collection of short and dense songs with a clean but brute sound. The compositions are well written with nice touches of inventiveness and folk inspirations.

The songs you must and will not miss: Grow fins, The ransom (maybe my preferred song) and the cuckoo and the stolen heart.

Brute chorus is album of the week on Jenkins’ Glory Radio.

Interested U.S. readers can click on the above amazon widget to buy the album or songs. It is also available on musicme, lastfm, itunes,….

By the way how many times did I wrote the word “Brute” in this post?


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Flaming lips: An embryonic & psychedelic journey

Did you know that the Flaming Lips released their first LP in 1986? Yes it was 23 years ago. Flaming lips must be the oldest embryo ever.

Anyway Embryonic sounds great and new. It has psychedelic influences from the start till the end and a dirty sound like we could hear on some Primus records. To conclude let me quote a flaming lips fan: "I have it!!!! It's great, it sounds like their old stuff but since they have money now it sounds really great".

Interested U.S. readers can click on the amazon widget to buy the album or songs. It is also available on musicme.


Solveigh's home is cosy

Lionel Solveigh released a few months ago his frist album called "Home" on Humpty Dumpty Records. Lionel's influences are Elliott smith, Kings of convenience, Damien Rice. "Home" is cosy and warm with a few pretty melodies (No man's land; Home again) and a nice cowboy song (John Wayne shot me). The album was mixed by Mark Rankin (Adem, Emiliana Torrini, Bloc Party).

If you're in the U.S. you can download the album or songs by clicking on the above amazon widget. You can also hear and download "Home" on musicme.

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Daan lives in Manhay

Daan (former leader of Dead Man Ray) released on 27th march 2009 a beautiful album called Manhay. What does Manhay mean?
Some people will tell you that it is the name of a little village lost in the woods.
Some people will tell you that it is a mysterious place where the songwriter takes his inspiration.
Some people will tell you that they don't care.
Jenkins will tell you that it is the name of an album you must have in your collection.

Do not miss the following songs: exes (damn! it's so good), brand new truth (oh so beautiful), icon (country flavor), radio silence (a killer song), bad boy, bad girl (tremendous bridge), ....

You can buy the album on Daan - Manhay (Bonus Track Version) (available in some countries only) or listen to it on deezer.

For more information on Daan click here.


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Note: Some of you may know the bass player on this album: the incredible Michel Hatzigeorgiou