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The radio of the month is SpaceFunkParty : "Underground Radio for Groovy People"

Click the play button, enjoy the groove and dance. Other great Webradios are listed here.


Take the Buzz # 2 : Broken Bells

This past few weeks Broken Bells is making the buzz. Here is their song " The Ghost Inside":

Visit the official homepage of Broken Bells.


Album Of The Week : The Bride Screamed Murder By Melvins

The Bride Screamed Murder is already the 20th studio album by the Melvins. I must confess I didn't know this band before they release this excellent "sludge metal" album. What is Sludge Metal? According to wikipedia sludge metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music that melds elements of doom metal, hardcore punk, grunge and southern rock.

Obviously this album rocks! But it's full of humour, creativity and energy. Listen carefully to the amazing drumer(s).

Melvins on Myspace
Melvins' album for free on Deezer


Take the Buzz #1 : Here we go magic

Here we go magic is making the buzz right now. Judge by yourself if this band deserves it or not. The song casual is especially hype at the moment:

Here we go magic on Myspace.


Prince To Tour Continental Europe

Prince will make a few concerts this summer in Europe. This is rare enough to mention it! To celebrate this event J'G Team create a special playlist on youtube. Check out live performances of the kid from Minneapolis.

Prince will be performing the summer festivals in Denmark, Belgium and France throughout July. The Roskilde Festival - Denmark, 4 July. Main Square Festival - Arras, France, 9 July. Werchter Boutique - Belgium, 10 July. Other dates are scheduled but some doubts remain....:
7/5 - Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany
7/12 - Stade, Genève, Switzerland
7/13 - Gulg Stadion, Linz, Austria
7/18 - Super Bock Super Rock, Meco, Sesimbra, Portugal


Artist of the week : Loraine Cotting

Loraine Cotting is a swiss singer who delivers beautiful soul music. The most obvious influence is Lauryn Hill (ex-Fugees).

Listen to her songs and become one of the producer for her next single! Click here  for more songs and information.


Frown-I-Brown Is Da Band Of The Week

Frown-I-Brown is a quartet playing acoustic/electric hip-hop in the style of Erik Truffaz (Nya period) or Speech Debelle. Self declared influences include Anti-Pop consortium, The Roots, Steve Coleman and The Metrics,... In other words very very good music!

Mr. Lorenzo Vigneroni-drumz;
Herb Cells, da mic jagga-speeches;
Sir Al Davidson-flute;
Dorian "DeLorean" Palos-bass

Discover their groovy music on their MySpace.


This Week's Artist

This week's artist is the band called STILLEKESOEN.

The line-up is as follow:

Vincent: Vocals
J-C: Guitars
Boris: Electro

Listen to this exciting band on their myspace.