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Reissue Of The Week : Breakfast In America by Supertramp

Breakfast in America is the sixth album by the english band Supertramp, released in 1979. A deluxe edition was released on 4 october, 2010 including a second disc with songs, unreleased so far, recorded live in 1979, in particular songs not appearing on the live album Paris (1980).

Tracklisting :

"Gone Hollywood" – 5:20
"The Logical Song" – 4:10

The Logical Song – Supertramp

"Goodbye Stranger" – 5:50
"Breakfast in America" – 2:38
"Oh Darling" – 3:58
"Take the Long Way Home" – 5:08
"Lord Is It Mine" – 4:09
"Just Another Nervous Wreck" – 4:26
"Casual Conversations" – 2:58
"Child of Vision" – 7:25

Deluxe Edition Disc 2

"The Logical Song" (Live At Pavillon de Paris) - 4:06
"Goodbye Stranger" (Live At Pavillon de Paris) - 6:11
"Breakfast In America" (Live At Wembley) - 3:05
"Oh Darling" (Live In Miami) - 4:21
"Take The Long Way Home" (Live At Wembley) - 4:48
"Another Man's Woman" (Live At Pavillon de Paris) - 7:32
"Even In The Quietest Moments" (Live At Pavillon de Paris) - 5:36
"Rudy" (Live At Wembley) - 7:29
"Downstream" (Live At Pavillon de Paris) - 3:28
"Give A Little Bit" (Live At Pavillon de Paris) - 4:03
"From Now On" (Live At Wembley) - 6:53
"Child Of Vision" (Live At Pavillon de Paris) - 7:32

Supertramp became classics with their 1974 album Crime Of The Century. School is one of the highlight of the album.


Supertramp, without leader, singer and composer Roger Hodgson, is touring in Europe this month. Check their official website for dates.


  1. Anonymous18.10.10

    Cannot wait until it is released in the U.S.

  2. It's available from websites such as