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Noise Of The Week : Iron Maiden Singer Becomes Marketing Director

According to MusicNews: "Iron Maiden front man Bruce 'Air Raid Siren' Dickinson has been named the head of marketing at Astraeus Airlines.

Dickinson has been a long time pilot for the airline, taking up the position whenever Iron Maiden aren't on the road, having clocked up 7,000 hours behind the wheel, or er, joystick. His new position doesn't mean he will cease to fly, saying his new position is more that of an ambassador.

'This isn't about appointing ad agencies or anything like that,' he said in a statement. '[My job is to] bring the Astraeus message and business proposition directly to what is a relatively tight and targeted audience of people and decision-makers in aviation.'

For the band's 2008/09 'Somewhere Back In Time' world tour, Dickinson piloted an Astraeus Airlines jet covered in Iron Maiden decals and the band's mascot Eddie emblazoned on the tail."  See Bruce Dickinson flying and singing:

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