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Reissue of the Week: Original Album Classics by Dave Brubeck

The 90th birthday of Dave Brubeck on December 6 has inspired a great deal of awards, tributes and reappraisals these past few months. But it all really begins and ends with the groundbreaking music he has made over the years. Time Outis an acknowledged classic, but there is so much more to the man’s career than that.

Sony Music Masterworks have just issued two Brubeck box sets highlighting some of the best music he ever recorded. The first Time was a five-disc collection focusing on his experiments with time signatures. The second, simply titled Original Album Classics explores five other monumental albums he released in the crucial ten year period between 1954-1964. (Taken from blogcritics: click on the link to read the complete review).

The albums on this 5 CD Boxset are:
1. Jazz Goes to College
2. Brubeck Plays Brubeck
3. Gone with the Wind
4.Brandenburg Gate: Revisited
5. Jazz Impressions from New York

The albums on the "Time" Boxset are:
1. Time Out
2. Time Further Out
3. Countdown: Time in Outer Space
4. Time Changes
5. Time in

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