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Album of the week: Street Talk Part III (FREE ALBUM)

Bleubird: The Rambo of Underground Hip-Hop

Who’s Bleubird?

“I am bleubird, a sailor mouthed silly serious rap renegade. My mother likes to tell me that i’m “anti everything”, i tend to disagree with my mother,even though she claims that janis joplin sang a song directly to her at Woodstock. I’m all for alot of things!

I dislike shaving. I have decent abs from excessive laughter. I want to make friends with your cat, ride your bike,see what your bedroom looks like,use your kitchen, listen to your stories, meet your friends, rock your club,party,bar,basement, garage, pub, venue, parking lot, office, record store….I want to freestyle with southern rock bands and free jazz dou’s. I’ve got side projects with itailan post rockers and german prog rockers. I’m a majority stock holder in boyfriends incorporated…devoutly getting in where i fit in as the mighty too short taught’s all rock and roll to me.

As for some of my shining moments:

- I’ve had the honor of sharing stages with the likes of Deerhoof, Battles, Masta Ace, Fatlip, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Otto Von Schirach , De Bug, Dalek, Lightning Bolt, Anti Pop Consortium, Mike Ladd, Xiu Xiu,

- I am one part of international rap conglomerate “Gunporn” , Sweden,Belgium, Germany, America stand up! released a cd/Lp and toured Europe and Japan together.

- Toured france extensively with electro industrial rap superstars X-Makeena

- Rapped at almost every notable rap show in Berlin last year, plus a few others.

- Once I battled a poster of fifty cent at a show on a barge in a river in france, there was also a bridge behind it with a rainbow on it.

- I do a fast clean soundcheck and i’m always friendly with the soundman.

Taken from bleubird website. Check this site!

The songs you must and will not miss: Old Dirty Bollywood, Black in Bleu (use a the riff of Back in … Black), CYP not PYT and Karate Song (uses a sample from… a Karate Song). Street Walk Part III is album of the week on J’G Radio.

Interested readers can click on the amazon widget (up above) to buy older bleubird’s albums. You can download Street Talk Part III (auto-produced album) for free right here.

Karate Song - Live in Belgium

My Name is Bleubird

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